Zombie Pigs

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Howdy Islamic terrorists! We welcome you to Texas!

We know you are here, or at least on your way here. You tell us that through social media on a regular basis. We know you don't like alcohol, we know you don't like hogs, and we know you think women shouldn't be doing things that men do, like driving, getting an education etc. so we felt like we needed to fill you in on a few things you should know about some of our wonderful accommodations awaiting your arrival!

We have zombie pigs, and zombie pig hunters! We have women who hunt also, and we like beer!

Here, we are almost all hunters, yes many of our women hunt too! Most of us own several long range, high powered rifles complete with the best of modern optics, and we practice regularly! Our hunting and ranging skills are legendary. I suppose you could even say that many of us are snipers, and we have sniper equipment.

This should really interest you: We have a lot of folks here who make their own ammunition! Many of us hand load ammo and some of us even make cartridges with hollowpoint bullets filled with lard just for you!

Imagine this: You get your ass shot off by a female hunter with a lard filled bullet, and then your rotting, hog lard infused carcass gets eaten by a herd of our zombie pigs while she reaches in her cooler for an ice cold brew!

Is that not an inviting scene?

We look forward to seeing you, and we will probably see you before you have a chance to see us, and then it will probably be too late.

Hope you enjoy your brief stay in Texas!

Remember The Alamo!